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Portable Guardrails

Portable Construction and Freestanding Construction Guardrails Guardrails That Go Where the Jobs Are.

The Rapid Rails’ portable construction guardrails and freestanding construction guardrails safety railing systems offer a choice of non-penetrating roof railings and mobile temporary guardrails that do not physically attach to the structure. Since weights, not fasteners, hold each system in place, our rooftop fall protection will not damage the structure or void roof warranties. Designed to create smooth lines that integrate well into the building aesthetics, all components are fully galvanized to ASTM (American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials) standards to last for decades, even under harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Exceeds OSHA construction industry standards
  • Portable construction guardrail is contractor grade and lighter weight than our more permanent non-penetrating guardrail systems
  • Can easily be assembled, disassembled, and moved about from place to place
  • Constructed to last for decades even under harsh outdoor conditions
  • Modular design—if a section becomes damaged, it can easily be replaced with another standard section

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Our portable construction guardrails and freestanding construction guardrails systems keep employees safe, jobs on schedule—and your budget on target. Find out if they’re the cost-efficient choice for your safety needs.

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